Types of People You Don’t Want to Travel With

Everybody knows that person they don’t want to travel with. Although they don’t want to share details of such people with others, they hate having them as travel companions. Sadly, some of the personalities that most people don’t want to travel with clash whenever they start planning their itinerary. Here are some of the types of people that most people don’t want to travel with. 

Lazy Planners 

Some people are just lazy when it comes to planning trips. You send them links to articles on travel destinations, tourist-friendly countries, and photos of dream vacation but they do nothing with them. These people can’t put the effort into planning a trip. They leave every aspect of planning the trip to you or make excuses to ensure that they don’t participate in trip preparation. 

Last-Minute Flake Out

You know such people. These are people that you prepare the trip with, including choosing the destination, accommodation, date, and making the itinerary. You even pay everything in readiness for the trip. But, the person backs out for having coinciding plans or failing to file for leave at the last minute. Since you don’t want such persons to frustrate you, just leave them out of your travel plans. 


You know people that are always complaining. Instead of focusing on enjoying the trip or having fun, these people are always complaining about minor challenges. For instance, these people won’t stop complaining if they lose something even if it’s not that important. They will also react negatively to something like delayed meals in a restaurant. Such people are not good to have during a trip. 

Other people you don’t want to travel with include those always glued to their phones, those who lose temper with ease, and messy campers. Avoid such people when traveling to make your travel experience better.