Most Underrated Destinations for Travelers

While there are numerous travel destinations around the world, some destinations usually receive more love than others. What most people do not realize is that some of the less popular travel destinations also offer incredible experiences, which could make your trips worthwhile. The following are some of the most underrated travel destinations that you should consider when planning your next trips. 


Bolivia is one of South America’s least visited destinations but, remains a great option for travelers who want to experience natural wonders. Most people flock into Peru and Brazil forgetting the pristine offerings of Bolivia. Some of the unique attractions in Bolivia include the blood-red lake, Amazon forest, salt pan of Salar de Uyuni and smoldering volcanoes. 


Turkey was at some point a favorite destination for British travelers but, the number of visitors has significantly gone down over the years. One of the reasons is due to security concerns. Today, Turkey is a peaceful and quiet destination for beach lovers, offering great spots for water sports and recreation. Turkey is also a cultural hub with a rich historical background and ancient city ruins. Besides the beaches, visitors can also marvel at the magnificent Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and go shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. 


England is another destination that has been underrated over the years but, has a burst of splendor for travelers. Apart from its big cities, England has charming seaside towns and pristine greenery. Most people ignore it because of the lack of sunshine but, England has so much to offer including the Lake District that received UNESCO recognition in 2017, sandy beaches, museums, and historical landmarks. 


The majority of visitors to Egypt over the years are historians and archeologists interested in the ancient ruins. However, there is a fair share of both worlds in Egypt that can appeal to all kinds of travelers. It is home to the Pyramids of Giza, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, old temples and tombs as well as towns. This sun-bathed African nation is a paradise for indulging desert adventures. 

Although the above destinations have not received many visitors in recent years, they are quite rich in terms of attractions and activities. If you are looking for a unique travel experience, they are worth considering. 

Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World

Despite the innumerable travel destinations around the world today, more discoveries are still being made to identify additional attractions and activities. However, there are renowned travel destinations that have continued to attract travelers for decades. These destinations attract more visitors mainly because of their ability to meet the varying tastes and preferences of travelers. The following are the most popular travel destinations in the world, according to the World Tourism Board. 


France bears the lead for the most visited countries in the world, receiving an estimated 89 million visitors in the past year. Many people love France because it has multiple destinations with rich cultural attractions like Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. Besides, it also has a diverse landscape that features mountains, beaches, French villages, pristine gardens and other beautiful sceneries to charm travelers. France has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and, its capital Paris is also the most visited city in the world. 


Spain received about 83 million visitors in 2018, making it the second most visited travel destination in the world. Most of the people that visit Spain come from European countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. Spain is home to several historical cities with world class resorts and amenities including Madrid and Barcelona. It borders the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, which also create spectacular spots for tourism activities. Spain boasts 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 national parks, electric nightlife, winter travel facilities, and cultural festivals. 

United States 

The United States has continued to attract millions of visitors from all parts of the world over the years. In 2018, it received about 80 million visitors. Most of its major cities like Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, and Los Angeles are magnets for tourists all year round. A majority of the visitors come from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. The U.S has vast tourism resources including landmarks, beaches, stunning modern hubs, natural wonders, lush landscapes, architecture, food, and resorts. Unlike most destinations, the US has a very competitive domestic tourism sector. 

Other travel destinations also on this list include China, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, respectively. These destinations are ranked top because of their diversity in terms of tourism attractions. 

What is the Point of Using a Professional Travel Agent?

Putting together a successful trip is not usually a very easy thing, especially if you are planning your first adventure. Even savvy travelers seek the help of travel agents from time to time. A professional agent can provide a wide range of services to facilitate the planning of the trip and, also make sure that the experience meets your expectations. Here’s why you should consider using a professional travel agent when planning your next itinerary. 

Travel Expertise and Experience

Professional travel agents have a better understanding of the workings of the industry including destinations and service providers. Besides, they also know the critical and relevant laws and regulations for travelers. As a result, a professional travel agent can provide the best advice to make your trip enjoyable and stress-free. 


Unlike any other average traveler, professional travel agents have easy access to vast travel resources. They know how and where to find the best travel deals for different kinds of travelers on short notice. Through their contacts, a professional travel agent can find the best flights, destinations, hotels, as well as, activities that specifically match your interests and budget. Savvy travel agents can even offer you tips on how to save money when traveling. 


Putting together a trip requires a lot of time and effort. Apart from just searching for travel destinations and activities, processing travel documents and bookings are also critical to every trip. Whenever you hire a professional travel agent, they can handle all the procedures on your behalf so you only worry about making memories. Delegating most of the tasks to a travel agent will give you ample time and the peace of mind to prepare for the adventure. 


Besides just planning your trip, a professional travel agent will watch your back to make sure that you get the intended experience. In case something goes wrong in the course of the trip, a professional travel agent will see to it that you get justice. They will do the necessary follow-ups to determine the faults and, take actions to prevent the exploitation of travelers.  

Now that you understand the value of a travel agent, you should consider hiring one the next time that you are planning a vacation. Check out for great deals!